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Grafi Online Service is one of the leading Online Transcription Service Company in US. Founded in 2008, Grafi Online Service today serves for small and medium businesses across the Globe within a short duration.

Our headquarters is in Florida, with many branches in many states having its delivery and work in different parts of India. Our clients are all placed over US so we have wide and rich based client base. In short period we have earned years of experience with assorted clients.

Our phenomenal experience in this field giving our priority to customers we guarantee the best possible quality service of your recording. Our company suits any kind of individuals like psychiatrist, professors, students, psychologists, attorneys, market researchers, focus group moderators, board meeting. Our transcription also offers affordable and transparent pricing makes it easier to have business with us knowing the cost of transcription.

We have also reaped a high level of customer satisfaction that is very unusual in this extremely competitive business. We have all the pride in recruiting highly experienced transcribers who go through rigorous examination and training. Elevated quality transcription requires excellent language skills, good ear and great skills to interpret words in their proper context. We have a strong proofreading team who delivers 100% customer satisfaction.

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Our Values

We are a strongly knit team of professionals who believe in complete end-user satisfaction by showcasing creative and market leading solutions. Our motto is to deliver the highest quality service to our clients that can be accommodated within the budget of each and every order. We strive to deliver the highest order of customer sales and support service to help them achieve maximized operational and financial performance via our enhanced system that can be easily integrated into their business.

How do we Work


We are an expert dealer of medical billing services in USA. We specialize in end-to-end medical transcription services and work as a middle man between the insurance associations and healthcare industry. Our work approach is simple and is solely aimed at reducing the overhead of medical practitioners by handling the missed charged, non-reimbursed claims hence accelerating their performance and revenue generation.

We strive to provide our consumers with a distinctive advantage in the industry by rendering complete support to them. We are aligned to product well-timed results hence optimizing your company's revenue cycle.

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