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At Grafionline we understand the ins and outs of medical billing process to its core and the significance of outsourcing this vital task to a reliable partner. We have gained an enormous experience working with a diversified range of clients across the globe and have gained an exclusive command in the complete lifecycle of the process.

Our team of professionals is completely dedicated to the cause of customer satisfaction. Our solution is highly systematic, cost-effective and high on precision. We take every bit care of overcoming all the possible hurdles in the task. Start smart and streamline all your medical billing concerns by partnering with us.

RCM & Services

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    Medical billing specialties :

    Our medical billing assistance blends seamlessly with all the medical service practitioners and we offer customized solutions for your business irrespective of you being a solo medical practitioner or hospital owned group.

    Major advantages we bring to you:

    • Faster payment
    • Reliable services
    • Complete support
    • Economic solutions
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    Provider services :

    Gain access to full proof and well-priced medical billing software providing effective services to maximise your reimbursements in the shortest duration. We also handle all patient customer service for medical billing enquiries.

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    Payer services:

    Our healthcare payer services are aimed towards maximizing value, improvise overall performance and deliver cost-effective solutions. We provide a wide range of payer services comprising cost trend analysis, healthcare estimator, enterprise data centre and more to explore.

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    Coding services :

    We provide end to end solutions to healthcare organizations worldwide. Our products are technically proven, comprehensive and in sync with the on-going industry trends. We aim to reduce operational costs, recover revenues and maximise productivity.

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    Document management :

    Medical document management is crucial to every healthcare practitioner as it allows them to store and retrieve all sorts of electronic data pertaining to their staff and patients. We specialize in offering paperless data management that can be customized as per the user's requirements.

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    AR calling:

    We in-house a dedicated staff offering efficient A R calling services to maintain sync between all the parties involved in the medical billing process. They provide 3 types of calls comprising doctor calling, patient calling and insurance calling.

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    AR management:

    We leave no stone unturned to keep you in complete control over the entire revenue cycle and performance reporting. We make use of the most recent technology and advanced practices to help you avail accurate compensation for the provided services

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    Physician credentialing:

    Experience seamless medical credentialing with Grafionline, reputed medical billing service provider aiming to take away the burden from your shoulders. You get all the periodic updates with complete transparency during the complete credentialing process.

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    Emergency Room medical Billing:

    Call us today for a reliable emergency room medical billing experience. We are a specialist in the domain and provide value-added services in a critical time. We provide 24×7 support to the consumers for assisting them at any point of time.

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    We offer complete DME assistance to our end users with a unique approach towards handling the crucial task that is extremely scrutinised and ever changing. We aim to maximise the claim submissions along g with helping tour staff in getting well versed with the in depth analysis in the payer policies and associated guidelines. We provide flexible solutions with reduced denial cost and better productivity.

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