best transcription services in usa

In addition to converting your audio to a text file, we offer a complete online experience. Transcripts are delivered with powerful tools for interviews, meetings, films, and more.

Professional transcription allows you to buy back your time and gain insights from the content in your recordings. When recording audio, including lengthy interviews and meetings, our customers can focus on the conversation at hand. They rely on us to capture the details of those conversations by handling the transcription of everything that was said.

Rev's diverse set of transcription customers, from journalists to market research companies, use transcripts as part of their daily workflow. By sending us the audio to transcribe, they are able to win back hours in their day and focus on doing more of what they do best.

You might not think you would use transcripts in your daily life, but they're helpful for more people than just journalists. We have the incredibly diverse range of transcription customers to prove it.

100% Human Transcriptionist

We provide the best transcription services for our customers all over the world. With our transcription services, you will also get an extraction of a recorded speech or footage. We can even create an exact word to word speech to text transcription of any audio file. We have a group of professionals in different fields such as legal, business, medical and other technical professions.

That is why our transcription services are error free. The extract will also be modified to suit male or female voice over. We also provide subtitling services for videos for each frame along with the elapsed time and time duration.

We provide the best transcription services at competitive rates and exceptional results all the time. High quality transcription is crucial to the success of your business. It is the process of converting spoken language into written texts. Professional transcript is one useful source of information extracted from videos, audio, corporate presentations, and more.

best transcription services in usa

Transcription Services

top transcription services in usa
  • All type of Transcription - Audio

    Audio transcription is a service that converts the spoken content in an audio recording into a written document. Our expert transcribers can provide the best and quality-tested audio transcription services online.

  • We do all types of transcription for videos in the following formats

    Have your video file transcribed by our transcriber into rich text details in our video transcription services. One of the most functional transcription services is video transcription.

    Input Formats: MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, WMA, OGG, WAV and many more.

    Output Formats:.docx, .pdf and many other custom file formats.

  • Transcription - Sermon

    Sermon transcription is a valuable tool to drive more traffic to your ministry. By converting your audio sermons into written sermons, they became easily searchable on Google and other major search engines by parishioners and others interested in the sermons. Having an easy to understand, quickly perusable sermon transcript is a convenient way for listeners/readers to recall the message you were trying to convey during the sermon.

  • Transcription - Legal – Court proceedings

    Legal transcription documents are professional sets of information which need to be written word by word without affecting the real information even a bit. We provide exact solutions in such cases while keeping the original information unchanged. Our team of qualified experts work with much finesse which has brought us many reputed clients in the past few years. Our experts can also convert the jargons into simple and easily understood words for better understanding.

    We provide transcriptions for legal purposes including court proceedings. We have years of experience in legal transcription services.

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    Transcription - Lectures

    We provide speech to text transcription for college lectures. We are especially suited for this because of our knowledge of technical jargons

  • Transcription - Thesis

    A thesis is an academic study or research proposal that contains a student’s original findings and theories. A thesis needs to be supported with facts and evidence, which is often authentic interviews, lectures, audio recordings, seminars and conferences. These forms of supporting data need to be transcribed and assembled into a well-organized document, which can be a time-consuming process.

    We make transcriptions of the thesis in a clear and concise way. We have worked with a large number of universities and know what is expected in a transcription service

  • best transcription services in usa

    Transcription - Meetings

    We do transcriptions for meetings. The choice of the words that we use is relevant to the context of the meeting. It can be used for corporate communications

  • transcription services in usa

    Transcription - Business Meetings & Conferences

    The business world produces a large volume of audio and video content every day. Such content includes conference calls, meetings, presentations, and much more. These events are incredibly important, as they often revolve around key financial data and strategy development. A professional transcriber can copy it all accurately into a text file. An accurate business meeting transcript eliminates misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

    Our transcription services for business meetings and conferences can be used for making training manuals, sales promotion manuals etc.

  • Transcription - Research

    Research Transcription involves the transcription of research interviews transcription, focus groups transcription and other kinds of recorded interactions between experts or between researchers and their subjects .These interactions act as reference materials for research and are primarily used by university based professors and lecturers.

  • cheap transcription services in usa

    Transcription - Seminars

    Seminar Transcription is a significant type of transcription where the oral seminars are transcribed into electronic form for future reading purposes. Seminars or lectures are given by professors and other high profile people in business and official meetings are soon transcribed by our company for future references.

  • Transcription - Movie

    We at Lingo Solution also do transcription of full length movies so that they are understood as well as enjoyed by people who otherwise do not understand the language well. Our team of experts are movie buffs themselves and know how to maintain the entertainment quotient while keeping the meaning intact.

The Benefits of Education Transcription

When attending a lecture, paying full attention is paramount. But how can you concentrate on the content and write it all down at the same time? When you listen and write simultaneously, you cannot process the concepts fully. Furthermore, it is not always possible to ask questions. That is why recording a lecture and having it transcribed is the best approach to retaining the information.

Lecture transcription is helpful not only to students. Professors and teachers who have their lessons transcribed can review their own work, come up with new ideas, and improve the overall quality of their instruction.

best transcription services in usa

This is a pilot program designed for our first time use customers; our free trial transcription offer will provide and convince you for our superior quality and outstanding customer service. There are wide ranges of transcription services and we believe that actions speak louder than words. With our experience we realize some common customers concerns are accuracy, language, time and dialect interpretation especially when the work is outsourced. So we believe in quality concerns of the customer. Our free trial offer will help them come to conclusion and to decide our service. Please note that this trial offer is without signing up any contract.

Grafi Online services are always awake to help you better and faster. Our transcriptionist, editors, proof readers work all day and night and it’s a 24/7 with 365 days working company where we deliver high quality with faster delivery. So there is no delay or time logs which you will face with our service. We ensure that you get your transcripts on time with 98% accuracy with affordable price.

We top this competitive industry is because of our best response time which we promise our customers and deliver without any delay. Our faster response time starts even when we give our customers a free trial offer. We keep you posted on every step of your transcription.

Our customer who deals with us has different requirements we satisfy our customer with best and fastest response time which we can give them. So we have different turnaround packages which will be suitable for you to choose.

best transcription services in usa

How it Works

Three Simple Steps to Get Your Transcription Done!

Step 1

Upload Audio/Video

  • Register/Login
  • Upload your voice files to our secured server
  • Select deadline
  • Select service details
  • Pay for the order
Step 2

We Transcribe

  • Trained US-based transcribers transcribe your files
  • All transcription is done by humans; no machine transcription
  • Every file goes through a quality check prior to approval
Step 3

Get Documents

  • You are notified when the transcript is ready.
  • You get the transcript by email or download it from your account.

Client Testimonials

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Cheap Transcription Rates

I’m very glad to work with Grafi Online Services. I shopped around and found that they had cheap transcription rates and prompt customer service. I spoke to them a couple of times before choosing their company and they were able to answer all my questions right away. The transcription I had was accurate, completed on time and was completed with cheap transcription rates. Uploading files were easier and I was also able to check the process. This saved a lot of time and money on my dissertation research project. I had German to German transcriptions done for individual interviews and group meetings and some recordings were of poor quality yet Grafi Online services did it for cheap transcription rates and the accuracy was great.

-Amanda Alexander

Transcription Rates

The end product was amazing and I’m very impressed with your transcription rates and services offered. The transcription rates offered was affordable as I work part time to do my studies and this will be a great help toward my thesis research for my Masters degree. The confidentiality and the hacking protection are great and I appreciate the fast service too. Thank you and I will for sure use your service whenever necessary.

-PhD Student from the University of Madison
transcription services in usa

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